“National Simulation Exercise”


National Disaster Risk Reduction Center participated as monitor and observer in the national simulation exercise organized by District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRC) Bardiya from November 29 to December 1,2016 at Gulariya, Bardiya.

The simulation exercise aimed to inform the stakeholders about the process of disaster response within the district and need of coordination with the national stakeholders. The exercise focused on the activities of DDRC, ACT, DDRT and DEOC- a government entity working as secretariat of DDRC for disaster response. The simulation observed high participation of state and non state actors who received insights on the process through monitoring, observation and direct participation.

The participants of the simulation highly appreciated the role played by DEOC in the entire process. The role of DEOC was seen prominent in the exercise conducted whereby they acted as the information and coordination hub.During the simulation DEOC produced analysis of the data received from the disaster affected areas. The analysis were visualized through maps and charts. The participants appreciated and applauded the analysis presented by DEOC for informed decision making during disaster response.

Appreciation of the DEOC was taken by our team as an achievement of efforts made by NDRC and other agencies in development and strengthening of DEOC. Since June 2016, NDRC has been supporting DEOC indeveloping and strengthening capacity of DEOC for disaster data collection and analysis along with its visualization through mapping to  help in decision making. The simulation exercise presented DEOC as capable of carrying out such analysis and visualization techniques independently in the future.