Technical Experts

S# Name  Area of Expertise  Remarks
1 Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai Emergency Management & Preparedness DRR Backstopping
2 Mr. Sunil Sun Shakya Humanitarian & Capacity Building DRR Backstopping
3 Mr. Bhupmani Dahal Training & Capacity Building DRR School Safety 
4 Mr. Tibendra Baskota Policy Research & Advocacy DRR CCA and Planning
5 Mr. Daya Ram Pokharel Emergency Response and Recovery DRM Backstopping
6 Ms. Sarita Karki DRR-CCA/GESI/RBA & Governance  Humanitarian Assessment
7 Mr.Yash Subba CBDRR/ DRR Planning at local level Disaster Preparedness
8 Mr. Dil Bahadur Nepali Inclusion, RBA in DRR & Governance DRR Backstopping