Chaudhary Foundation, established in 1995 by the Chaudhary family, is the social initiative of the Chaudhary Group. It focuses on activities aimed to improve lives, strengthen communities and sustainably develop Nepal.

Through partnerships with both the local and international communities, Chaudhary Foundation tackles some of Nepal’s most pressing issues within the social, economic and environmental fields. Because of its strong sense of responsibility towards improving livelihoods, the group has actively invested in community projects for over two decades and believes that the relationships it builds with employees, customers, partners, and the community at large will shape a stronger society.

Chaudhary Foundation was designed to enhance Chaudhary Group’s contributions to society by reorganizing its social initiatives towards a sustainable and focused model through leveraging its corporate strengths. This belief allows the foundation to focus on several critical issues through which it can adopt the best methodology and have the greatest impact.

For each issue, the foundation funds innovative ideas to help remove barriers and promote sustainable development, including improving quality education, economic empowerment, allowing for access to healthcare and uplifting Nepal’s youth. Consequently, Chaudhary Foundation continues to add to the portfolio of initiatives taken up by the Chaudhary Group and builds upon past successes by applying the same business-oriented approach in tackling these pressing challenges.

Focused and optimistic, the foundation is working with our partners to identify and implement innovative solutions so that every citizen can aspire to live a safe, healthy, and productive life.